How To Make The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Tasty Cake | November 2018

This video shows you how to make the ultimate chocolate cake. This chocolate cake is absolutely amazing!

Things you will learn in this video

  • Using a dutch processed cocoa
  • Pre-heat your oven to the correct temperature
  • Adding dry ingredients
  • Adding wet ingredients
  • Adding a stout dark beer
  • Adding butter and sugar
  • The correct way to add the eggs
  • A secret white ingredient that will shock you
  • Adding chocolate chunks
  • Making the butter cream
  • How to decorate your chocolate cake
  • How to cut the perfect slice

Lets eat this yummy chocolate cake!


I love this chocolate cake! I was a little surprised you added mayonnaise to a cake, but it is great! I will definitely make this cake again. Thanks for sharing this video!


Thank you for posting this video! This cake is absolutely amazing! My dad loved it so much he asked me to make another one for this weekend.