How To Change A Flat Tire

Allen Stanley | November 2018

Knowing how to change a tire is a very important skill to have if you own an automobile. Being stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire can be very dangerous. This video explains how to safely change a tire on your car or truck.

Did you know that over 60 percent of people do not know how to change a flat tire? Learning how to change a flat tire by yourself will put you way ahead of the game.

Things you will learn in this video

  • Finding the location of your spare tire.
  • Removing a hubcap (if required).
  • How to use a lug wrench to remove the lug nuts.
  • How to safely lift your car using a jack.
  • Safely removing and replacing your tire.
  • Replacing and tightening the lug nuts.
  • Lowering the Jack safely.


Every time I picture myself having a flat tire, I always see myself on the freeway, so when he said to put the brick in front of the tire, I was like uh ok yea since I have bricks in car all the time. lol good video!

Katie Bug

As someone who has never owned a car before and never needed to know how to change a flat this video was very helpful, I'm surprised by how many people in the comments are watching this video and dissing it for being so detailed and acting like everyone should already know all this.?


Yeah, I agree with you. I never needed to know how to change a flat tire until now. Thanks for the helpful video!


Thank you for posting this video! I hate to say it but, I have never changed my own tire.